What are Smart Points ?

Smart Points are our Academic Currency
10 Smart Points (10 SP) = 1 USD

They can be used to purchase our buyable content.

You can get Smart Points in various ways :

Instance Amount Limit
Smart Points for becoming a member 50 SP -
Smart Points for daily site visit 2 SP -
Smart Points for product review 25 SP Maximum once per day
Smart Points for logging in daily 2 SP Maximum once per day
Smart Points for referring a visitor 6 SP Maximum once per day
Smart Points for referring a new member 12 SP Maximum once per week

Otherwise you can also buy some Smart Points

Smart Points F.A.Q.

How to check your SP balance?
Your SP Balance is displayed in your account dashboard.
What are mystery rewards/gifts? How to get some?
Once each month, 10% of all our members are selected to receive some free points.
The reward/gift could go from 10 to 500 SP following your activity.
A user can’t be selected more than 2 months consecutively.

You’ll be informed by email if you are selected.
Referring new visitors/members?
Visit this page for more information about our “Refer a friend” program.

How to purchase Smart Points? 
Follow the information displayed on the purchase page.
(You need to be logged in)
Can i transfer Smart Points to another member ?
Yes, you can request a custom transfer link to transfer a specific amount of Smart Points to a specific user (no fees). 
What is the value of the scholarship?
Our 5000 SP scholarship has a financial value of 500 USD.

It’ll allow you to suscribe/purchase to most of our content without having to win or buy Smart Points.